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OMSI 2 Bus Installation Tutorial

Welcome to the bus installation tutorial. We'll go over the most important things to remember when installing buses and explain the basic folder structure you'll need to use.


Installing buses does not usually present many issues, most bus downloads include all of the required files (unlike maps where most do not include the dependencies).

Today we'll be installing the London Citybus 400 bus to our OMSI 2 installation. You can follow along to understand the basics of installing bus mods to OMSI 2.

Common Folders

Buses use several folders. In this case, we'll be using Fonts, Money and Vehicles. If there are any additional folders included with a bus you download, you can usually match them up to a folder in your OMSI 2 directory.

The picture below shows the folder structure of the bus we downloaded.
Now let's take a look at our OMSI 2 folder. We're showing the folder as it installs using the Steam version of OMSI 2.
As you can see, there are many folders here and you may feel a little overwhelmed, but take a look at the folders highlighted in orange. These are the only folders we need to focus on as the bus we're installing does not use any of the other folders.

Copying the files over

The recommended method of installing a bus is to copy and paste the folders over using your operating system's right click menu. This is the recommended option as it will duplicate the files, not move them.
Why is moving them an issue? If you move the folders over, you'll definitely lose track of where the files have all gone, and if you need to reinstall the bus at a later date, you'll have to carefully go through each folder to get the files back. In short, if you're new to installing buses, copy and paste.

All done?

If you've copied the folders to your OMSI 2 installation folder, the bus should work correctly. Make sure to check any documentation files in-case the bus requires extra files.
In very rare cases buses need payware DLC to be installed as they are modded versions of said payware OR use scripts/textures from the payware buses. This should be specififed on the download pages. This does not apply to any bus mod from OmsiWorld or OmsiUK.