OmsiWorld Mod Submission

Do you have a mod you'd like us to archive and store on our site? We're happy to accept most requests, unless the request relates to a payware or premium file. In that case, we're unable to upload that to our sites.

How do I submit or request a mod?
To submit a mod, you must provide us with either the original links to the mod files or provide as much information as possible on where we can find the mod. For example, if the mod is no longer online due to it being deleted from a file host or unavailable for other reasons, send us as much information as possible so we can try to track it down.

If you have direct links to mods, such as links to Google Drive, OneDrive etc, send those to us so we can mirror the files onto our site. If you have the mod files on your computer, please upload them to a site such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc and send us the links.

We are happy to include a custom description, please provide that with your submission. Remember to include relevent credit and information about who the mod author is if possible.

Submit mods to [email protected].