OmsiWorld FAQ

Welcome to the OmsiWorld FAQ. These questions have been asked by our users from OmsiUK and we're also going to answer questions we think you might have. If you have a question not answered here, don't hesitate to contact us.

  1. Why does this website exist?
  2. What is included with the downloads?
  3. Why isn't "X" available on the site?
  4. You're hosting my mod, will you remove it?
  5. My IP has been blocked, why?
  6. How do I contact the site admin?

Why does this website exist?
OmsiWorld was created to provide a safe and simple place to find mods for OMSI 2. While there are many sites that do the same, they often link to external sources for their downloads and while the downloads themselves are not harmful, the sites they are hosted on may be. There's also the issue of missing files and broken mods. We aim to never upload a broken mod to our site, as we always test the mods before adding them to the site.

Another reason is to ensure the OMSI community does not lose mods due to file hosts shutting down or links becoming inactive. We host all of the content on our own servers.

What is included with the downloads?
Where possible, we include every file needed to play the mod and in the correct folders. That means you can simply copy over the files to your OMSI installation and the mod should work correctly first try. We don't include executable files or files that modify your base installation, unless we explicitly state that and the purpose of the download is to do that.

Why isn't "X" available on the site?
If you're looking for a bus or a map, let us know! Some maps/buses are difficult to track down, if you have a link to the files or even the files themselves, let us know and we'll do our best to add it to the site.

You're hosting my mod, will you remove it?
In very rare cases we may remove mods from the site. OmsiWorld has been created specifically to reupload mods in an effort to archive them and prevent them from ever being lost again. We don't claim credit for the mods nor do we monetize our site in any way. Too many mods have been lost over the years to file server issues. We understand creating mods is hard work, and we always respect authors and content creators, but we also have to think about the preservation of mods for the whole OMSI community.

My IP has been blocked, why?
IP addresses are automatically blocked if you abuse our download server by attempting to download the same file repeatedly, the system is lenient. If your IP has been blocked, it is because you downloaded files in a way our system finds suspicious and therefore blocks access to our download system to prevent bandwidth abuse. Since we do not rate limit our download server, this is only used in cases where abuse is likely. You can contact us and send us your IP address if we've made a mistake.

How do I contact the site admin?
We aim respond to emails as soon as possible. Please email [email protected].

As of October 2022, we are unable to guarantee a fast email response due to time constraints we have in our personal lives. We do receive your emails and we do check them, but if the email does not concern a site fault or a file issue, we may not prioritize it. Emails requesting new mods will be looked into and we will consider all requests for the future.