London Route 24  

An incredible British themed map, you do not need to own the London payware DLC to play with this map. However, the default AI list may not work unless you own some of the payware buses. You can use the Trident London Variant which is included.

"Route 24 is the oldest unchanged bus route in London. It runs between Pimlico (a residential area filled with Regency architecture and grid style streets sitting on the bank of the river Thames)and Hampstead Heath (a huge public park in North London surrounded by affluent houses and the Royal Free Hospital). The route takes just under an hour at peak time, down to 40 mins during a night run. It's 7 miles long. There are unscheduled curtailments set up in the map.

The route passes these landmarks: Victoria station, Westminster Abbey, Parliament square, Whitehall, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Cambridge Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Euston Tower, Carreras cigarette factory and Camden Town.

The route only uses the New Routemaster and was the first route in London to do this. It runs 24 hours a day and is operated by Abellio from their Battersea garage (QB). This depot is included in the map. You can also drive (if you want) with the Enviro 400, EvoCiti, Masterswitch Gemini 3 series, Studio Polygon MMC (compatible with V1.2) or the ALX400 London spec if you want to go back in time. These buses are all set up.

The map is designed to simulate life post COVID restrictions and is accurate to early 2022. It took me nearly 18 months to build the map from start to finish."

Credit: fan79
Credit: Link

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