Posted January 16, 2020
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"Welcome back to Manly. After 7 years of building, Manly ACT THREE is finally available to download. Enjoy driving along sunny beaches, suburban areas big hills and lots of narrow streets. Manly ACT THREE has over 50 driveable routes which cover a massive area encompassing the area from Sydney City to Manly and Mona Vale."

An incredibly detailed map, hours of fun and exploration to be had here. Read all included documentation from the author.

Newcastle Pro Left Path

Posted January 15, 2020
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Newcastle Pro - "Left Path" Version. (Driving on the left). Includes everything needed to run the map. HOF file has some issues reportedly, though the map is working.

This file was submitted by a site member.

Credit: David Rodgers


Posted October 15, 2019
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A steel making industrial town, made up of 5 villages (Crosby, Froddingham, Scunthorpe, Brumby & Ashby), plus the small town of Bottesford, which has grown to become a suburb of Scunthorpe over the last 50 years. Known as the industrial garden town, Scunthorpe has key areas of industry to the east and north of the town, and expansive suburbs, of mostly semi-detached and detached dwellings spread over a large area.

All required files included with download.

Credit: mrmoose

Great Grundorf 2

Posted October 10, 2019
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"Great Grundorf is a fictional city based on the original map of the game "The Omnibus Simulator" (OMSI). At the initial stage, the city was not considered to be a big project while this was only made for train up our skills. We decided to extend it widely afterwards because we discovered its potential of playability during the process from 76-77 City to Great Grundorf 1. After 3 years of production, Great Grundorf 2, a very large map contains mixed up style of Germany, Hong Kong and Britain with our creativity, is finally released. "

Credit: 3D Transport Studio

Golczewo 1.0.0 + 1.0.2 Patch

Posted October 9, 2019
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"Golczewo is a small town established in the interwar period, in the years 1921-1938, expanded in subsequent years. The city has its own public transport, operated by MZK Golczewo. The map contains six lines, 5 bus lines (including one night and express one) and one tram line. The road system is loosely modeled after Szczecin and other cities, and some areas are a real representation of real places in Poland."

No additional downloads needed, includes the patch file from mod author.

Credit: KMSzczecin

Hong Kong West Kowloon 3.00

Posted October 8, 2019
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"Hong Kong West Kowloon is so far the only planned and ongoing project, this map covers the main streets in West Kowloon including Nathan Road, Cheung Sha Wan Road, etc. The development has started since 2012, and expansions are split into different phases. Expansion for East Tsim Sha Tsui was completed in August 2018."

Map repackaged by OmsiWorld to include all required objects/splines/vehicles. Enjoy!

Credit: TaxiDriverHK
Manual: Click here (Ignore downloads, already included)

Projekt Szczecin 4.0.1

Posted October 8, 2019
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"The map Projekt Szczecin allows one to drive bus lines in Szczecin, a city in north-western Poland."

The South London Project

Posted October 6, 2019
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The South London Project was released to those who donated to TSLP map. Original links are unavailable.