MAN Lion's City

Posted August 20, 2021
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"MAN Lion's City by V3D Studios

It's been over a year in the running and I think it's time you all got the chance to get your hands on it for yourselves. It's a simple install by copying the contents of the ZIP file to your OMSI 2 directory. Standard HOF files are included but you'll need to add any others.

  • EEV and Euro 6 versions
  • Voith and ZF gearboxes
  • MAN D0836 vertical engine
  • Krueger LED matrix display
  • 2 Doors with automatic operation on rear
  • A selection of realistic demonstrator liveries to choose from (Photoshop repaint templates included)
  • Ster Newcity seating
  • Spheros SC-1000 air conditioning control unit

Please note that there are still some things to finish and those will come in an update. Some of the main textures are high-res and may be a problem on lower-end PCs. To avoid problems make sure you've installed the 4Gb patch to give OMSI 2 more memory to play with.

Don't forget to read the included manual. I've never written one before so hopefully have covered everything and it includes credits to those that have helped me or allowed me to use various parts and sounds.

Enjoy :D"

Yutong ZK6116HGS

Posted August 20, 2021
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If you enjoy the base game double deckers, you'll enjoy this bus. It's simple, it sounds good, it feels good to drive, what's not to like?

Credit: xingtonghe

Daimler Fleetline

Posted August 17, 2021
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Daimler Fleetline (DMS) Pack contains a bus with 3 variants. Tested and working.

Please note: This pack is 7.35GB unpacked, this is due to the texture sizes. We decided to upload the bus in full as there was little point compressing them or splitting the downloads.

Credits: Facebook

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 312

Posted August 17, 2021
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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 312, perfect for your mini bus roleplays. It has many interactive objects, it sounds good and it drives nicely. It's a manual transmission, you definitely feel the pull of the gears as if you're driving a real van.

Credits: Linkovsky _ & _ K.Krasun

PAZ 4234 04

Posted August 17, 2021
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The Paz 4234-04 Bus version 2. This is a manual bus with lots of buttons to play around with! The sounds are nicely done, it feels nice to drive and you'll really get a feel for the bus while manually shifting gears. There's lots of extras to this bus and many interactive features.

Credits: Alexey Lukin, Konstantin Rogozin, Zabachev Vladimir, Nikita Larkin

Bolloré Bluebus SE

Posted June 3, 2020
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"Bluebus is a range of urban buses manufactured and marketed by the French Bolloré Group under the brand Blue Solutions since the end of 2015 with the peculiarity of being entirely electric."

Credit: Acrotere Design

Volvo B9TL HK Variant

Posted June 3, 2020
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"The Volvo B9TL has been sold across the world and they run in countries like Hong Kong, Singapore and UK etc. Download this mod immediately and explore how special and different Hong Kong Buses are."

The Hong Kong variant of the B9TL which flew under our radar as independent bus download, it's a RHD bus so fitting for UK based maps, or indeed in Hong Kong. Click here for the UK version of the Volvo B9TL.

Credit: Gx7767 Studio

Man Lion's City DD

Posted May 29, 2020
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"The MAN Lion's City is a range of low-floor and low-entry public buses built by German truck and bus manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus (previously MAN Nutzfahrzeuge) since 1996 primarily for the European market, but is also available in chassis-only variants worldwide."

Great bus, great sounds, fun to drive.

Credit: O530 Citaro (unknown)