Scunthorpe 2020  

This is Scunthorpe 2020 for OMSI 2, an updated version of the 2016 map which allows you to truly drive like a British bus driver. Because this requires Scunthorpe 2016 to work, both maps are included. That means you can drive on the 2016 version or the 2020 version with this one download. Also included is Cotterell, since the map was also a requirement. All required files are included to get started.

"Scunthorpe 2016 was brought to OMSI 2 by mrmoose and I have now introduced an enhanced version of the map (with permission to edit and release) with Chrono features to allow the existing routes until 30 November 2020, and then the new real life routes/timetables take effect."


  • Connected up Keadby and Amcotts so that the 35 is now driveable [from 30 Nov 2020 only]
  • Added Station Road (for route 11)
  • Added Grange Lane South (for route 11)
  • Bus station now has an additional exit and wider entrance
  • Bus station now has modified layover bays [from 30 Nov 2020 only]
  • Bus station stand letters have been changed to reflect real life [from 30 Nov 2020 only]

Bug fixes
  • * Removed some invisible bounds in Ashby & Viaduct

Credit: Sambuses

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