Heuliez Bus GX107  

A pretty interesting bus to drive, we like the interior and the model. Author description below.

"Hi there

After 2 months of silence while taking a break, I allow you to release a famous mod taken over and completely redone by me and this is a famous one ( Heuliez GX107 ) in version V2 based on my network ( TUL Laval ) and then another version spontaneous with a different disposition. This mod includes Setvars such as: Vis_Plaque/Vis_Support/Vis_Armchair/Vis_Pub/Vis_Matrix.........

Objects have been carefully modeled by me in person such as the driver's cabin as well as the dashboard and of course the seats and much more.

I hope this mod will make you happy enough by combining the useful with the pleasant.


  • - TheFMrr
  • - Bryan Nirlo
  • - HugoMctv
  • - LBR114
  • - Klarky

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